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Our 'Vision' is that people living with a mental and/or physical disability or a long-term illness should have the same choices, quality of life opportunities and aspirations as others. To help us achieve this goal we provide a fast-track Small Grants Programme for applications of £5K or less and a Large Grants Programme for applications of over £5K.

We like all of our grants to have a significant impact across one or more of our 4 life "themes" and to become one of our charity partners you will need to demonstrate how your project outputs meet our objectives in one or more of these themes.  Our themes are broad ranging and we support many activities within each.  A summary can be found at Themes

Whilst there is no restriction as to the size of the charitable organisation that can apply, we will prioritise applications from small to medium size charities who are making a significant impact in their community and who may lack the time and resources to be able to focus on their fundraising.

Please note that we only accept requests for funding from Charities registered and regulated by a UK Charity Commission using our online application form

Before starting the application process it is important that you read our Application Guidelines, examples of what we will not fund which are below and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  For charities applying under our Large Grants Programme we also recommend that you read our Guidance for Preparing Your Large Grant Application before applying.

Application Guidelines

  1. Your project must support one of our 4 life "themes"
  2. You must be a UK Registered Charity with a minimum of 3 years filed accounts
  3. You must sign and accept our standard Terms and Conditions (pdf)
  4. By making an application you are agreeing to our Privacy & Data Protection Policy and also our Equality Policy

What we will not fund:

  1. We do not fund projects that are completed by the time of our decision
  2. We do not fund projects that only support people of a single political, religious or ethnic persuasion
  3. We do not fund Statutory services including local or national authorities, NHS hospitals or services, prisons and state schools except where the school is wholly for students with additional needs.
  4. We do not fund universities, further education colleges or independent schools except where the facility is wholly for students with additional needs.
  5. We do not fund core operating costs except in connection with setting up a new service or where the charity has an income of £1M or less and the application is made under our Small Grants Programme.
  6. We will not fund other grant making charities except through a match funding partnership
  7. We will not fund community centres and youth clubs except where those benefiting have physical and/or a mental disability, are elderly or suffering from a long-term illness.
  8. We do not accept applications for overseas projects.

When to apply

You may apply for a grant at any time.  Trustees meet six times a year but procedures exist to give approvals between meetings.

What happens to your application

Once you have submitted your application via our online form, you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail.

We will assess all acceptable applications on a case by case basis.  Please note that we give priority to applications under our Small Grants Programme.  Charities applying for £10K or more may be visited as part of our due diligence.

We aim to make a decision on 90% of grant applications within 2 months of receipt.  Applications under our Large Grants Programme can take up to 6 months depending on the cycle of Trustee meetings and the due diligence visits.

Ready to Apply

During the online application process (at Section C2) you will be asked to upload certain information.  If you are unfamiliar with creating a PDF, please click on the following link for help: What is a PDF file.

Before you start you may like to view the questions contained in our eligibility checker, online application and Small Grants Programme (required at Section C2 of the online application).  These can be found at the links below:-

Eligibility Checker

Online Application

Small Grants Programme

Large Grants Programme

If you have read all the above and are ready to apply, please click Begin. 

Please note that by clicking "Begin" you are accepting our Privacy and Data Protection policies.