About us


The Edward Gostling Foundation (formerly The ACT Foundation) was formed in 1994 and is registered with the Charity Commission (number 1068617). 

We provide grants to other charities that are registered and regulated by a UK Charity Commission with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of people in need and, particularly, those on a low income who have a physical and/or mental disability or long-term illness. 

We do not make grants to individuals however, through our "Charity Partners", we are able to provide support to vulnerable members of our society if they have a disability or suffer from a long-term illness to hopefully, in some small way, improve the quality of their life.  Our charity partners are all specialists with the expertise and resources required to provide support to individuals across each of our 4 life themes.  Through these partnerships we are more able to target our funding and ensure that we are reaching as many individuals as we possibly can.

At The Edward Gostling Foundation, we believe that people living with a physical and/or mental disability or a long-term illness should have the same choices, quality of life opportunities and aspirations as others.  Our priority is to provide financial support that enables one or more of our 4 life "themes" to be met.  In summary our themes and, therefore, priorities are:-

Health & Wellbeing - supporting access to community facilities to maintain, improve and enhance general welfare

Independent Living at Home - helping people to live independently in their own home for as long as possible

Respite - enabling carers to take a break from the responsibility of caring for a loved one

Transition - supporting the journey through education and personal development programmes into employment, long-term volunteering or other meaningful daytime activity, housing and independent living

Trustees and Officers


Michael Street OBE - Chairman
Denis Taylor - Deputy Chairman
John O'Sullivan MBE
Robert White
Christine Erwood
Russell Meadows
Andrew Ross OBE
Colin Clarkson
Stephen O'Sullivan


Denis Taylor - Executive Trustee
James Kerr - Group Investment & Compliance Director
Caroline Kendall - Operations Director
Petra Morris - Finance Director