Through our Capital Grant Programme we seek to encourage UK registered charities to bring forward major capital projects aligned with one or more of our 4 themes that will build new capacity, promote sustainability and bring about step change in the way care is provided. Capital projects are defined as the construction and fitting out of new buildings and/or extensions to existing buildings costing at least £1M. We do not fund operating costs under this programme.

Decisions under this programme can take 90 days and grants of up to £250K are available but amounts will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Trustees may however award more for projects they believe are truly innovative.

Who Can Apply

We accept applications from Charities/CIO’s that have been registered with and regulated by a UK Charity Commission for at least 3 years regardless of their size.

We do not accept applications from:

  • Individuals
  • Charities that have not been registered with a UK Charity Commission for at least 3 years
  • Overseas projects or organisations
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Exempt Charities not directly regulated by a UK Charity Commission
  • CASC’s or other sporting associations without a UK Charity Commission registration
  • Social Enterprises without a UK Charity Commission registration
  • Statutory organisations and charities that support them, including NHS hospitals or services, prisons and state funded or independent schools
  • Organisations providing further education except where the facility is wholly for students with additional needs
  • Community centres, youth clubs or other leisure activities, except where the main beneficiaries have a physical and/or a mental disability, are elderly or suffering from a long-term illness or are carers
  • Campaigning, lobbying or other similar awareness raising campaigns

We do not fund:

  • Projects under £1M
  • 100% of total project cost
  • Work to property held leasehold unless Landlord’s approval has been granted and the unexpired term of the lease on completion of the work is more than 50 years.
  • Work to alter any building unless any necessary planning permission and/or listed building consent is in place at the time you make your application

How to Apply

The notes below outline all you need to know. All applications need to be submitted online and you can start the process by clicking on the Begin/Login button at the bottom of this page.

Writing the Application

  • There is no standard form under this programme. You should create your own ‘free form’ Word document following the same format and headings as shown in our ‘Guidance for Preparing a Capital Grant Application’ download document (available below). This will need to be uploaded as part of your online application at Section C.
  • If your application is accepted for consideration by Trustees, we may ask you for more detailed information as our due diligence progresses which could also include a visit by a member of the team and/or a presentation to some or all of our Trustees.
  • You may apply for any amount up to £250K however we prefer to be part of a consortium of grant makers and we will never fund the entire project. We recommend you have at least 50% of the project’s funding secured before applying to us.

General Information

  • Once you have submitted your application you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail. If we need further information or wish to visit, we will contact you.
  • We review applications in order of receipt so please be patient as we receive a large number every month.
  • We will endeavour to let all applicants know the outcome of their request via e-mail within 90 days.
  • If your application is successful, we will provide you with a grant offer outlining the terms and conditions of our grant. This offer will need to be signed by 2 of your Trustees and, when completed and received by us, the money will be paid electronically to your organisation’s bank account as per the terms detailed in the letter.
  • Due to the large volume of applications we receive and our limited resources, we are unable to enter into any communication as to why an application was not successful.
  • All requests will be carefully considered however it is not possible for us to support everything and we do not guarantee we will be able to help on every occasion.

Ready to Apply

  • If you are eligible and are not already registered you should complete the registration process
  • Once registered you can use your account to submit your current and any future applications.
  • Applications can be edited, saved and returned to at any time until you are ready to submit.
  • Read the Capital Grant Application Guidance thoroughly and provide all the necessary information, including all the supporting documents we need to complete our initial due diligence.
  • Be clear on the financial implications of the work on your future income and costs.

If there is any further information you would like to provide which may assist us when we review your application, please feel free to add this as an appendix at section C in your online application.

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