The Edward Gostling Foundation registered as an independent charity with the Charity Commission in 1998 and was originally set up to provide financial support to individuals in need, as well as funding other UK registered charities who were implementing our founder, Edward ‘Ted’ Gostling’s vision “that people living on a low income who had a disability or long-term illness should have as many as possible of the same choices, quality of life opportunities and aspirations as others more fortunate than themselves” and having already awarded in excess of £75M to many worthy people and projects over the last 25 years we believe we have already exceeded his initial dream.

In 2021 our Trustee Board agreed, that with the need being so great now, we should alter course and, instead of carrying on in perpetuity, we would embark on a strategy that will see us commit to spending £100M in a concentrated time frame to help our chosen and much valued partners build their capacity and sustainability and assist them in helping the growing number of vulnerable people in communities throughout the UK.

We have already chosen a number of Legacy Partners who will receive funding towards their core operating costs and we would now like to hear from other UK registered charities who are seeking capital funding for a major project, costing £1M or more, that will deliver additional capacity and bring about a step change in the way care in the community is delivered. Our guide on capital grant applications can be found on the Capital Grants page.

We are well on our way to meeting our commitment to spend at least £100M and have already enabled many of our Charity Partners to grow their services and plan for the future with confidence. The level of comfort we have been able to give via our legacy awards ensures they will be able to continue supporting the people and communities who rely so heavily on them long after we have gone.

We estimate achieving our commitment by 2032 when we hope our ‘legacy’ will be that we have helped to underpin a number of charities and through their efforts, many people will continue to receive the support they need in their lives.

Charitable Spend Since 2021


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