The West of England MS Therapy Centre

The Brightwell is a Centre for Neurological Wellbeing & Physical Recovery – a partnership between The West of England MS Therapy Centre and The Bristol Therapy Centre. Therapies and support for people living with a neurological condition are provided at the Centre which has been in operation for 35 years.

We received an update from them recently following the grant we awarded last year to help fund oxygen generation equipment as part of their ‘Sustainable Futures’ Programme. This equipment has allowed them to produce their own oxygen on site which has saved money and will mitigate future cost rises. They are delighted that it will also reduce their carbon footprint and secure the future for the people who rely on their services.

The Centre delivers thousands of oxygen therapy appointments each year to people with chronic conditions – it is their most attended therapy, aiding healing and helping with the side effects suffered. An estimated 150,000 people with a neurological condition are living in The Brightwell’s catchment and we are so pleased we were able to help them with this.