Bromley Brighter Beginnings

Bromley Brighter Beginnings (BBB) is a charity that seeks to provide essential household items to families living in the London Borough of Bromley who are in financial hardship. The charity also lends its support and experience to others wishing to set up similar projects in the surrounding areas.

We recently awarded a grant to their ‘Bed for Every Child’ campaign which, over the last year, has provided 153 children with brand-new beds following referrals from local professionals such as social workers and health visitors. 110 new bedding sets were also distributed to families in need.

Each year BBB run a Christmas Hamper campaign and this year has seen them distribute hampers to 221 families which will benefit 501 children with items that will make them happy but also remove financial stress and pressure from parents. Each child will receive a Christmas gift but the hamper is also packed with essential, practical items such as a toothbrush or hat and gloves, etc.

BBB has no paid staff and they rely on their wonderful team of volunteers with support from members of other groups, local businesses, churches and schools. We were delighted to be able to help them out with their campaigns this year.