Strength and Learning Through Horses

Strength and Learning Through Horses is an equine assisted therapy charity based in North London with a long track record of providing mental health support and alternative education provision to vulnerable young people.  Many of those they help have experienced significant trauma and deprivation and struggle with complex mental health challenges which can put them at risk of permanent exclusion from education.

The charity’s expert staff use the natural ability of horses to read and respond to human emotions to engage their young people in the process of learning about their own behaviours and emotions, helping them to make changes in their wider lives. They provide two services – Therapy and an Employability Skills Programme.  In the last academic year, they report that 424 vulnerable young people (aged 5-25) benefited from their services, with many receiving therapy and 200 of them achieving a qualification.

Following a move to new, larger premises they anticipate they will be able to reach around 1,000 people each year which will be wonderful and we are delighted to have supported them in their efforts.