Younger People With Dementia

It was great to hear from Younger People With Dementia (YPWD) based in Berkshire. Early onset dementia affects adults between the ages of 30-64 and, since the charity was formed in 2012, the number of people diagnosed has grown year on year. There are currently more than 42,000 people affected nationally and an estimated 540 people in Berkshire alone. The charity’s mission is to help people ‘live better’ with dementia, either as the affected person or their carer. They do this by providing weekday, age-appropriate, workshops across the county which help to prevent social isolation, apathy, a decline in health and increased risk of behavioural and psychological symptoms. For the carer, this allows them to have some respite from their caring role. Our grant supported activity sessions including visits to places of interest and classes such as pottery and ceramics (pictured) which we understand were enjoyed enormously.