person exercising

The charity team enjoyed a visit to Chilterns MS Centre recently when they heard first-hand how people are benefiting from our grant which supported the Exercise Therapy programme they run for local people living with the distressing and disabling symptoms of MS.

With Chiltern MS’s help and the targeted exercise classes they provide, people like Peter have improved their mobility and pain management. The classes incorporate physiotherapy, hydro and oxygen therapy and exercise as well as nutritional advice and counselling. Peter says that since he has been participating, his back has strengthened and he can move up and down stairs more easily which has had a huge impact on his daily life. He is less reliant on his mobility scooter and has seen benefits to his hand movements and sleep quality too. He feels that with the support of the Centre he has “taken control of some of his symptoms and has gained much more movement and independence”. It was great to receive such lovely feedback.